Welcome to Kuusamo Lutheran church


Communion service in Pyhän Ristin kirkko (Kitronintie 11) every Sunday at 10 am. You can find information about the service in English on a leaflet distributed in the lobby of the church. There you can also find the Bible passages of the day in English and the whole Bible in English.

You have small children? Every week we have two gatherings for families: Mondays from 9 am to 12 am and from 1 pm to 3 pm at Kirkkotie 1 C 4.

Young people from approximately 13 to 20 years old are welcome to Vanha Pappila. More information about activities for young people from youth leader Kaisa Määttä.

Want to sing in a choir or play music in different church events? Need a place for your band to practise? Ask cantor Olli Kinnunen about the different choirs and other musical opportunities.

If you have financial trouble or you need to talk to someone in confidence, contact deacon Maria Törmänen.

If you want be become a member of our church, you need to attend confirmation training classes. If you have not been baptized, the baptism will take place after the confirmation training. You can get more information about membership from Anna-Leena Laakso or about confirmation training from Elsa Koivuranta.

If you have any questions about the Lutheran Church or upcoming events, feel free to ask. Many of our employees speak English and other foreign languages.


Bienvenu à l’église luthérienne

La messe est célébrée chaque dimanche à 10 heures à l’église Pyhän Ristin kirkko (Kitronintie 11).


Pour savoir plus, contactez Marika Villikka.

Pyhän Ristin kirkko